McCollum Campaign Calls on Wagner to Apologize for “this half” Comment

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Today the McCollum Campaign called on Senator Frank Wagner to apologize for his comments that he wishes he only represented certain parts of the 7th district.

This week, while speaking at an event at a local country club, Wagner explained that the makeup of the 7th District includes everyone “from very, very high income right on down, ya know, up to and including rent-assisted places and that type of thing. So it’s a very diverse district. I wish sometimes I represented this half, but I’m very, very happy to represent the folks I have.”

“This is a clear indication that Frank Wagner is out of touch with the district.  Unlike Frank, I'm running to represent all the people of the 7th District. No matter their income.  And in Richmond I’ll put their priorities first, not the special interests." said Gary McCollum.

"At best this is offensive to half of his constituents. At worst, Frank Wagner made disrespectful comments that show exactly how out of touch he is. After 24 years, it's time to send Wagner packing and elect a real leader who will focus on commonsense solutions." said Gaylene Kanoyton, President Greater Hampton Roads Black Democrats.

"Frank Wagner has been in Richmond so long he forgot what he's supposed to be fighting for. When you've accepted as many lobbyist gifts and trips as Frank, you can see how he'd forget he's supposed to fight for all his constituents, not just the most well off." said Greg Turpin, Chair Virginia Beach Democratic Committee.



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It’s about damn time.

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